Vinyl Extrusion Technology

Today, VEKA continues to utilize High Output Technology. With such innovative processes in place, VEKA can maximize productivity while keeping the costs of manufacturing down.

It is possible to produce more with less. It is also possible to provide superior products and top notch customer support at affordable prices. VEKA uses vertical integration and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) to help accomplish this.

Every aspect of VEKA's daily operations is networked through an extensive array of computer systems. Micro ingredients added to PVC are weighed to within 1/100th of a pound to ensure consistency batch after batch.

Blending hoppers are monitored for compound consistency and temperature variations that may affect the final product. Computers control the delivery of the compound to the extrusion lines and constantly check and recheck the operation of the automated delivery system.

Twin Extrusion ScrewsTwin screw extrusion lines are utilized throughout the production floor because of their speed reliability. Controlled and maintained through advanced computer technology, these extrusion lines maximize output and reduce the man-hours required for changeover. Window designs are created and refined with advanced CAD systems.

When finalized, these drawings are downloaded to wire EDM, automated milling and machining tools that create the necessary dies and calibration systems required for extrusion. Computerized tooling production allows VEKA to react quickly and effectively to customer and market demands

Production histories combined with Statistical Process Control (SPC) ensure maximum efficiency, minimum downtime, and the highest quality in each lineal. But it takes more than machines and computers to drive a company.

It takes skilled craftsmen and detail oriented technicians to operate, maintain, and carry out this advanced technology.

Few companies can match the level of experience employed at VEKA, and fewer companies have the history to prove it. VEKA's greatest resource is its workforce.