VEKA Essentials

The VEKA Essentials program is an unmatched Service & Support System...

It is possible to produce more with less. It is also possible to provide superior products and top notch customer support at affordable prices.

When it comes to a commitment to quality, few companies can match the level of experience employed at VEKA. Even fewer companies have the history to prove it.

Discover our innovative value added services that make all the difference in your business.

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  Design & Engineering

We take a simple, two-way approach to design engineering. Tell us what you want to achieve and we help you get there. Once we understand the performance targets, markets and price points you are trying to achieve, we incorporate our knowledge of coming trends and regulations into the design.

Using many years of combined expertise in innovation, fabrication and testing, VEKA Engineering is able to specify form, function, and technical details to create the exact product that will meet your market needs.

3D Printing

  Sales & Marketing

The VEKA sales team’s experience is unparalleled in product knowledge. You can count on them to educate you about innovative new products from VEKA as well as keep you informed on industry news and trends. As you seek to expand into new product lines, applications or geographies, you can rely on the support of VEKA's sales professionals.

Let VEKA's award winning Marketing Services help you gain the competitive edge over your competition. Reach more customers, increase sales and differentiate yourself using our guidance on new selling media and technology. You will see tremendous cost savings in our service versus expensive agencies that are unfamiliar with the market.

VEKA's talented creative team has years of industry experience. From concept and design to final production, VEKA uses the latest technology and software to assist you in developing high quality content that will generate results. Whether it's proprietary literature or website development, VEKA's marketing department offers you strategies, concepts and designs to fuel your growth.

Below is a list of services that VEKA can assist you with:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Design & Desktop Publishing Services
  • Web Development
  • 3D Modeling
  • Multimedia Development
  • Mobile Device Application Development
  • Photography Services
  • Social Media Networking

Sales and Marketing Team

  Customer Care Center

At VEKA we strive to exceed the expectations of every customer, and we pride ourselves on continuously improving our services based on your evolving needs. We ensure customer satisfaction by listening to those needs and developing solutions for you. On-time deliveries, technical assistance, quality control… All are part of how VEKA does business every day. We realize that customers don’t just buy products or services; they buy solutions to problems and are looking to build a relationship with a strong partner of choice.

  • Advanced Shipment Planning
  • Delivery Inquiries
  • Online ordering with ELOP (Electronic Ordering Portal)
  • Policy & Procedures
Customer Service