CIM MANUFACTURING | Computer Aided Design

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) maximizes the design of a particular fenestration product through the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology. Window and door profiles can be accurately created, critiqued and redesigned until the final form is achieved. Modern computers are able to streamline the design process by alleviating many of the cumbersome mathematical tasks required to complete all the drawings vital to a window system.

Upon completion, these drawings are electronically transferred to automated die-making machinery. With the precision of a fine craftsman, exact dimensional drawings are transformed into extrusion tooling. This process, commonly referred to as CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), is a critical step in the extrusion process.

Artificial intelligence also plays a major role in the blending process. Proper amounts of the micro-ingredients are blended into a homogenous mixture that is controlled by computer-driven scales. These scales, accurate to 1/100th of a pound, ensure that every batch of compound retains the same high quality performance characteristics.

3D Printing and CAD