SwingView Swing Door

The SwingView® Entry Door is the perfect solution for an attractive, secure and low-maintenance entry system. With its traditional look, the SwingView door is ideal to fill the niche between the low-cost steel swing door and the premium wood swing door.

This line features mechanically fastened stiles and rails joined at 90┬░ angles and the classic configuration of 5" stiles, 6" header panel and 9" kick rail.

The SwingView door functions as an in-swing or out-swing in white or almond colored vinyl. For more options, interior wood grain and colored vinyl laminates from our Pinnacle® laminate color program are also available.

The SwingView door ships to fabricators with the following:

  • complete installation instructions
  • attractive corrosion resistant brass hardware
  • anti-pick 3-way adjustable hinges
  • PVC brick mold finishing accessory
SwingView Swing Door

  • All welded frame & sash
  • Internal weep system
  • 4 9/16" frame
  • 1" glazing
  • Dual seal weatherstripping
  • .100" vinyl wall thickness
  • Aluminum reinforced frame, sash, astragal mulls for rigidity
  • Sash drip cap/hood for water diversion
  • Center shootbolts on two-panel french door
  • Movable mullion for french swing door application
  • AAMA approved PVC lineal certification

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