R5 Performance and Beyond



VEKA evolutions™ pvc profile system was borne from the market demand for energy efficient products that meet or exceed today's ever changing energy codes. Years of progressing window technology has resulted in one unique system capable of adapting to a variety of performance elements. VEKA evolutions™ features glazing pockets that accommodate a minimum of 1" (R5) glass packages.

The complete family of product profiles including Hungs, Sliders, Casements and Patio Doors.

VEKA evolutions™ is comprised of all the essential performance elements...
Meaning when you add specific glazing packages to the finished window, it can take on the benefits of being Impact Rated, Sound Control rated, Low Solar Gain and Low Heat Transfer. Also, protection from the elements, heat, cold, wind, and water. To achieve a marketable R5 and beyond without expensive Krypton, a minimum of a triple glazed 1” insulated glass unit is required. The resulting, small Argon spaces limit the options for decorative grids.


A Simple Yet Comprehensive PVC Profile System

PLAY VIDEOCombine all of the ever-changing information with thermal and structural calculations, market feedback and hours at the drawing board and the result is VEKA evolutions™, the most versatile PVC profile system that VEKA has ever produced. When finished, this one system will cover every operator type. It will be suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

VEKA has taken into consideration the pending changes in wind speed maps, which will effect impact requirements along the entire east coast and Gulf of Mexico. This system will be R5 capable and beyond, and not have size limitations of the past. This also means, improved sound control capabilities. VEKA evolutions™ PVC Profile system offers the sought after flexibility the industry has been waiting for.


– noun

a. any process of formation or growth; development: i.e. the evolution of cutting edge window technology.

b. a process of continuous progression

c. a revolutionary new product line from VEKA that effectively accommodates the evolving performance requirements of the windows and door industry

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