A VEKA Crossover Window


VEKA's Crossover window and door category meets the demands of EnergyStar® 6.0 that is referred to as a VEKA CROSSOVER window. A VEKA CROSSOVER window is defined as a optimized, highly thermally efficient product that benefits from unique design features and weight matrix that will expand on the good, better, best scenario that most window fabricators go to market with today.

Available in these extruded colors:Ecolutions Extrusion Colors

The first branded product in this class is Ecolutions® by VEKA. This CROSSOVER class of product is designed specifically with optimized weight attributes in mind while achieving optimal thermal performance.

Muntins between the glass which are commonly requested, can negatively affect performance due to diminished airspace. Ecolutions utilizes a 1 1/8" glazing pocket to allow for triple pane IG's which have the ability to take advantage of a decorative internal muntin system without diminishing thermal efficiency. This IG width allows for optimal air space while providing the highest in thermal efficiency. Ecolutions can also utilize a 1", 7/8" or 3/4" IG unit.

Vinyl LBS Looking at the traditional "go to market" models that most fabricators utilize when selling their products, you will see that the good, better, best scenario is the most predominate. Manufacturers that compete in the new construction market have lighter weight products, Manufacturers that reside in the replacement and retrofit markets typically have heavier products and face increasing cost pressures from competitors while thermal performance criteria is becoming more stringent. Thus supporting the need for a lower weight, better performing window that can crossover into different markets in order to reduce product SKU’s and reduce costs for the fabricator.
R-Value The past 5 years in glass technology have been focused on obtaining higher performance window ratings with the introduction of triple glazed units. These thermally efficient IG’s have been predominate in the commercial and architectural aluminummarkets for several years. This is mostly due to the smaller glazing pockets in traditional residential products as well as inappropriate hardware accomodations to handle the weight of triple and quad glazed unit. Now, with the introduction of the Crossover class from VEKA, dual or triple glazed units can be produced in the same window system for the residential and light commercial markets.
Design Pressure Comparison One of the primary design characteristics is design pressure (dp). Design pressure not only, as the name suggests, indicates the structural performance of a product. It also indicates the resistance to water penetration and air infiltration. Through years of experience and know-how, coupled with hundreds of product launches, we have optimized the Ecolutions™ window to achieve exceptional air, water and structural performance without adding additional cost.