Pinnacle Mask

Mask is an adhesive film which is applied to PVC extrusions that are intended for painting. This off-line process secures a blue tinted paint mask on the surfaces of the extrusion that are to be protected from paint and overspray.

Since only minimal in house masking may be required, Mask saves time and money by increasing fabrication efficiency. Lineals as well as finished squares may be painted allowing you to offer an unlimited color palette.

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  • Masked profiles should be stored inside and out of sunlight
  • Film has no UV protection and will not perform correctly if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Masked profile should be kept in properly stacked VEKA racks.
  • The paint mask film is not a protective film. Care needs to be taken handling masked profiles to avoid tearing prior to painting.
  • Long Term Pressure may have adverse effect of film removal.
  • Temperature of stored or shipped masked profiles should not exceed 120°F.
  • Lineals should be painted within 2 months of the application of the paint film mask to the VEKA extruded profile.
  • Precaution: Paint should be carefully chosen and tested to ensure no interaction between paint and film.
  • The temperature of the drying cycle should not exceed 120°F.
  • Upon completion of the painting cycle, film should be removed immediately.
  • No adhesive should remain when film is removed within VEKA recommended specifications.
  • Leaving the mask on the profile longer than recommended periods may result in undesirable adhesive remaining on the profiles.