VEKA Inc. Achieves ISO 9001 Compliance

September 14, 2015 by VEKA Inc

VEKA is known as a market leader in technology, quality, and services. In keeping with those standards, VEKA has become one of the first vinyl extruders in North America to achieve ISO 9001 Compliance following a comprehensive audit of its quality systems, conducted by a third party ISO inspector, Ledge, Inc.

ISO 9001 was developed and is maintained by committees that include representatives from countries around the world. Over 90 countries have adopted ISO 9001 as the accepted standard of quality management system requirements.

"Leading global companies are utilizing ISO 9001 to measure and showcase their process excellence. I'm proud to say that VEKA is committed to continuously monitoring, documenting and improving our products and process quality" states Jacob Anderson, Corporate Director of Quality Assurance for VEKA.

ISO 9001 was designed with both the user and the customer in mind. Internally, companies will see the benefits of a more formalized quality management system. There has been an increase in requests to become ISO compliant from larger, nationwide fabricators.

Joe Peilert, VEKA President & CEO comments, "Since 1983, VEKA has set the standard for profile quality in the industry. Having achieved ISO 9001 Compliance will give our customers the additional piece of mind that controls are in place to ensure consistent and on- time delivery of quality products."

Mr. Anderson states, "Each VEKA North America employee is committed to quality standards based on parameters mutually agreed upon with its customers and it is documented in our quality management system." He also notes "VEKA's ISO 9001 based quality policy mandates that these standards (objectives) shall be monitored and deviations will be addressed through our corrective action and improvement process. Upholding our quality standards is a key priority for every VEKA employee."

VEKA is a world leader in PVC extrusion technology with 25 plants worldwide and is headquartered in Sendenhorst, Germany. VEKA Inc., based in Fombell, Pennsylvania, is corporate headquarters for North America and heads up three manufacturing facilities as well as various product divisions.

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